Andrew on the Issues


Many public officials will tell you that lower taxes is the only way to bring about economic growth. What they don’t tell you about is the teacher lay-offs, neglected infrastructure, and lack of effective public services which inevitably follow that approach. We must fight to keep taxes as low as they can be while still providing the high quality public services Ulster County needs.


Few issues affect the average American as much as jobs. Decent jobs with decent wages are the bedrock of American society. That is why we must support bringing good jobs to Ulster County by providing tax credits to employers who provide good salaries to their employees. In conjunction with this, Ulster County must continue the excellent work it has done in bringing renewable energy jobs to our beautiful county. Renewable energy is the market of the future and it is also one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Getting ahead of this market and bringing these jobs to Ulster County must be a priority and will be at the forefront of my agenda for jobs.


The current state of Infrastructure in the United States is dire. We have allowed other nations to surpass us with more advanced electrical grids, water systems, and modes of transportation. It is time for us to catch up and rebuild our infrastructure. Even at the bottom of my road there are potholes right in the middle of it that have not been filled in for years. As a Legislator, I will ensure the roads and bridges of District 14 are of the highest quality. Our neighbors deserve nothing less. If you ever see a problem with your local infrastructure, please do not hesitate to alert me to the issue.

Campaign Finance Reform

Hard working, average citizens of this great nation have been slowly pushed out of their own political system. In a vast majority of cases, the rule of thumb is “whoever has the most money wins.” This is not what Democracy is all about. Democracy is not about whoever can drop the most money into their own campaign and drown out the other person. It is about making face to face contact with your neighbors and showing people you care. That is why I support a system of campaign finance that limits the influence of wealthy individuals and supports average citizens. I strongly support the campaign finance legislation currently being proposed in the Ulster County Legislature.


The environment of Southern Ulster is some of the most beautiful land in all the Hudson Valley. I pledge to be a stalwart defender of these lands from any special interest that may seek to do them harm. Protecting the drinking water and vast forests that make the Hudson Valley what it is must be at the top of any legislators priority. I can promise you it will be at the top of mine.